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It's KHC, Oh Man! not again!
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Dave's page

Ok I'm gonna tell you a bit about myself and adventures of being in KHC so keep looking in.  I will be adding Pictures and stuff yippiee.  Yeah I should also be trying to give you my favorite buys of the month each month.  Not that it means much, but it keeps me happy.


KHC, what, 16 years old.  So forming in 1989, D-fekt and I remain the only originals left.  And I still think one of the fondest memories is, whilst reminiscing, was D-fekt saying about the early days,  sarcastically, that this is gonna be great.  Ha ha, I couldn't really play guitar, I had lied to Fluff saying yeah 'I can play guitar'.  So I learnt how to play power chords.  Woe the early stuff was nasty the sound was a nightmare, used to make yer ears bleed. And we used to practise in a basement in the local townhall, with bog-roll stuffed in our ears, we never learnd to turn down and still have this problem he he.

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Fuck Hate Propaganda

Cool Nostalgic buys of late?
1-Dayglo Abortions-Feed us a fetus
2-False Prophets-Blind roaches
3-The Stupids-Retard Picnic
4-Alien Sex Fiend-1st cd
5-Can't Decide-disog

My Politics and what I believe in.  Ok I'm a vegie have been for about 17 years, Don't wear leather don't like it.  Anarchy, can it work?  I like the theories behind anarchy.  Too many people misunderstand what anarchy is about.  There are many versions of Anarchy.  (This doesn't inclued any dictionary version, academic bullshit).  Lets face it Anarchy is about being free, free from overlords and bosses that seek to control the way we live and work.

Ok some of my top buys this month.
1-The EX-Turn
2-The Oath-uber allies
3-Neurosis-The eye of every storm
5-Galloping Coroners
6-E-150 disog
7-Dropdead/look back and laugh split
8-MDC-Magnus dominus corpus
9-Exodus-Tempo of the Damned
10-Cult of luna-Salvation


Remember Killing Animals for sport is fucking sick.
Eating Animals is Shit
Wearing Animals is what Sad fucks do.
Losers Wear Leather
Hey I'm not even Vegan?

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