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It's KHC, Oh Man! not again!

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The demos


This was our first demo, recorded through a mixing desk at parctise one day in 1989.  Nasty sound, it makes me laugh when I listen to it from time to time.
Track list-
1) The Key
2) Mindfuck
3) Nobody Listens Anymore
4) Satan's Arse
5) I believe In God
6) Chains of oppression
7) Castrate The Vivisectionist 


This was our second demo and first time in a recording studio.  It came out as a split with No Thanx (RIP).  It came in a box, which had covers it was a nightmare cutting and sticking it all together, added to this we did tape labels.  This was all done one day in Jan 1990, at Abbey Sound 8 track studio
1) Stand Up
2) Chains Of Oppression
3) Something to Steal
4) Poem-Edward Breck 1925
5) Burger King
6) Life Ain't The Waltons
7) Castrate The Vivisectionist
8) The Key
9) Satans Arse/Satanic Farce
10) Blarrgh! pt 1


Above was the front cover to the Box.

I have decide to do the demo covers over two pages this time due to the download time.  I know it gets boring waiting for stuff to happen.

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