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It's KHC, Oh Man! not again!
Yan and his Face
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Yan here at Derby earlier this Year.



Hi, Im Yan Tree or Jan Shaw (if you prefer). And I am kismets 13th (approx.) bass player. A little older than deefekt though quite a bit older than Zanne. Originally lived in Leeds, though moved to Newport (S. Wales) for 3 years & now I live in Stoke. Musically, picked up my brothers guitar about 12 - 14 years old playing Anarchy in the UK (Sex Pistols), Babylons Burning (the Ruts) & mongoloid (devo). Pretty badly at first but I just enjoyed making a racket so wasnt too fussed!

The Pagan Idols was the first punk band I was in along with; my cousin Gary - bass, Stu - vocals, Tom - drums, leaving me with the guitar. We were a bit like UK Decay or the Partisans. Formed in 1982 I think, we made 2 demos annuver idle krissmass (1983) & annuver idle sabbath (1984). We did a few squat gigs, benefit gigs, youth clubs & what have you. I think our first i/view was in the first or second edition of Raising Hell zine by our good friend Ben Sik O War (later to do Your so hideous zine).

On reflection, we tried to be too much like the Cult Maniax, at the end & were soooo apathetic about the band that it just fizzled into boredom & nothingness. We did try re-uniting as A Legacy of Fools in 1988(?) but the locals started throwing stones thru the windows when we practiced & we got the hint!!

Second band (well more a collective) was Tree (or Tree of Life). Formed about 1985, a mix of Hawkwind, the Mob, Gong & Chumbawamba with some punky stuff here & there! On vocals were Gillere noHaire, Becky & Mandy (Joy) - who left early on. Drums (& acoustic guitar & vocals) - Dallas. Guitar (& some vocals) - me. Bass (& vocals) - Jez. Synth/keyboards - Simon. Clarinet (& vocals) - Jamie (he was originally on bass). Flutes - Spot & Sandy. We used to do free festivals like: July 4th at Menwith hill USAF Spy base peace camp, or Doncaster 2 Trees festival or even Manchesters Hulme Punx picnic.

We recorded 2 demos with a grand total of 3 songs in all!!! We started to disintegrate around 1988. I, being very foolish, cashed my giro cheque one day - looked in the classifieds edition of the local paper & bought myself a 12 string acoustic guitar. Instead of food, clothing, beer, drugs, anything!!!!! Probably went & stayed at my parents house for a few days (these hardcore punks, eh???!!!) Yeah, so I wrote a few songs - stole some - I mean plagiarised some & tried to get some gigs.

Yep, Yan Tree solo acoustic folk/punk singer/songwriter emerged on the scene. I was like a second rate Danbert Nobacon though without the Chumbawamba platform to fall back on. I had great fun doing a tour with Generic & Next World round Scotland & Ireland. Met some wonderful people who invited me back once or twice. Played with Thatcher on Acid, Political Asylum, Ohhhhh loads of bands. I recorded a demo (in the basement on a hi-fi, no 4 track mixing desk 4 me - no sir!). Also this Socialist band from Scarborough called Upheaval contacted me saying they wanted to do a split 7" with me. Ok I thought so we recorded that & Ive still got some of them left, I usually give them away to people as a gift!!

I gave up gigging after a particularly abysmal performance, by myself, in Bristol with Blyth Power. Later, I went to Art College in Wales & sold the 12 string to a mate whod dropped out, in about 1993. The Cowboy Killers were just releasing their LP Dai Laughing & Karl (w.o.w.) was managing The Blaggers I. T. A., exciting times!

Well, a few more years passed, more beers drunk, more punk shows seen & missed. Used to go down 120 Rats squat & see the guys & galls there, occasionally a band or 2. Ex Cathedra, Witchknot, Headache. Then I had a brainwave. after 12 (?) years of living in Thatchers Britain. hey, Ill get a job! A real one! Not one of those doley, cash in hand jobbies but a real one!!!!

So, moved to Stoke (1997) & learnt about nursing (yep, what they say about student nurses is TRUE !!!!!!) though I did get a bit bored so in a letter one day, Set of Active Minds told me about a Stoke punk band called Kismet & he gave me an address. Which happened to be Fluffs - but hey??? Needless 2 say went & saw these guys practicing with Kev on bass (1998), then Jase on bass (1999), then no-one on bass. so I offered & the rest - as they say is history!! That was about January 2000.

Oh, other stuff; got 3 kids, vegan, animal rights activist, 1st level learning disability nurse, co-editor of Lost Dreams poem/art zine, anarcho syndicalist, wiccan & son (hi mom, hi dad!!).

Thanks for reading this contact me via:

Anok 4 u 2 in March 2002.


Long set!

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