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Derby Vic inn 1st feb 2002
D-Fekt Kismet hc's drumer says 

This section I've been meaning to write for a long time but never got around to it , what with other commitments and what not, the question is what can I say that people would be interested in well, I know that a lot of people getting in touch and in general when being interviewed for various Fanzines people express an interest in the bands politics, which come across as anarcho , which is a generalizations and the term from my point of view means political/aware lyrical content , which often comes across as over serious and often very oppinionated, anybody who  has had the (dis)-pleasure of meeting the band will know that is so far from the true from Dave Scragg's very silly dancing on stage to my own very drunkenness.
Kismet  HC has always been a vehicle to express the view point of the various members of the bands and coming from a very political 'punk' back ground that this was bound to have a strong effect on the bands output, in 1990 having very little musical knowledge and being very fuelled on alcohol and being very angry at the state of the society bands such as GENERIC/ CIVILISED SOCIETY/ELECTRO HIPPIES/BGK/ZMIV/MINOR THREAT/SCREAM/VOID etc and coming from Stoke on  trent homeland of DISCHARGE it was bound to have a noisy angry feel, and twelve years + on we are still disgusted at the state of society still listening to those bands but with a much wider range of influences, and still very dedicated to what we started out to be, if not more so , as we have seen time take it's toll, watched people leave the scene, grow up and become everything they were against, get that 20 thousand + a year job. grow old , die  or just burn out.
The music has sucked up a lot of different styles over the years all we hope to the benefit of the bands over all sound and we hope that we will carry on without losing that edge that feel ,we won't change the world we know that but we are making our alternative to the utter shite that is sham that is called 'alternative' music today.
DEEFEKT (1966/2002)    TO BE CONTINUED......

Thank you.

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London Lord Cecil  2001

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